Rum on Display at the Refinery, Grantley Adams International Airport, Barbados Pocket Guide


Rum has always been a well-liked alcoholic beverage with British sailors to these shores. A favourite back then and still a favourite in Barbados today as the refining process has surely improved over the years.

The island of Barbados has been producing rum for more than three hundred and fifty (350) years. It has been distilled in little Barbados since the early 1700s though experts are convinced that it might have been distilled here since the early 1600s. It is no wonder that Barbados' rum is often held in high esteem as the strongest and smoothest rum in the world.

Clearly as a tribute to the longevity of the rum industry in Barbados, the island has a plethora of rum shops that pay homage to such an industry. Barbados Rum is such a favourite that it is not only Barbados where one can find Barbados Rum. This label can be seen all over the world as an export product or a visitor's choice of duty-free goods to take back home with them. 

If you're talking quality rum, you're most definitely talking Barbados Rum.


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