History of Rum Explored at St. Nicholas Abbey, St. Peter, Barbados Pocket Guide

History of Rum

Barbados has been a rum producing country for well over three hundred and fifty years. In fact, Barbados' rum is often revered as the finest, strongest and smoothest rum in the world and Barbados is considered to be its land of birth. So much so that the word 'rum' was actually coined right here on this little island of Barbados, though many people still dispute the exact circumstances under which it came about.

The history of rum in Barbados comes alive with a visit to the island's capital city Bridgetown where you can find the Nidhe Israel Museum. The birth of the Jewish society in Barbados dates back to the 17th Century, where after an uprising following extreme persecution in South America, a group of some three hundred (300) Jews, fled and settled in Barbados. Due to their skills on the production of sugar cane, Jews were able to successfully cultivate and harvest this crop throughout the island. Sugar production, sugar and its many bi-products became a force to be reckoned with on the island of Barbados. The development of the island took off substantially from this point onward.

Rum has been a staple in Barbados for many years and one of Barbados' signature spirits, Mount Gay Rum, is the oldest rum brand in existence. It was being distilled here on the island of Barbados since 1703 even though many experts believe that rum was being distilled here from about 1637. Mount Gay Distilleries is one of the oldest and most respected distilleries in the world and as such its main brand of rum, Mount Gay, is constantly used interchangeably here on the island with rum itself. 

The legendary rum distilleries on the island of Barbados provide rum connoisseurs on the island and indeed all around the world with the best alcoholic spirits ever created.  So once you are on the island it will indeed be worth your while to take one of the many guided tours where you will be literally intoxicated by the fascinating process of rum making which has been a well practiced tradition here in Barbados for centuries.




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