Steel Pan Music Being Played at Holetown Festival, St. James, Barbados Pocket Guide

Be Entertained

The word entertained is almost synonymous with Barbados. The night life aspect is absolutely thrilling, the dinner shows are riveting and there is always something to capture the attention of the little ones on holiday.


Nightclubs in Barbados

The island of Barbados is the place to come for relaxation but also it is great for nightlife. Once sunset graces our shores, it paints a clear picture of the dawning nightlife that is yet to come. The island has lots to offer when it comes to being entertained as there are many entertaining spots on the island to choose from.


Nightclubs in Barbados are scattered all over the island. Some of the more popular ones are The Ship Inn in St. Lawrence Gap, Harbour Lights on Bay Street and Limelite Café on the South Coast.


Calypso Tents

Calypso tents have evolved into some relatively multitalented arenas where calypsonians get together under stagenames to showcase their talent. Such talent can include social commentary which is a from of calypo that comprises of lyrics that are often political in nature.


Calypso tents in Barbados are well presented and it is quite evident that a lot of thought goes into them. From the very presentation to the very execution.


Calypso tents in Barbados have venues & atmospheres which can vary from large and spectacular with a mix of entertainment for all to small and traditional with biting calypsos and picong in a relaxing environment. Each tent gives you a unique experience as well as good laughs and give-a-ways.


There will be six weeks of tent action for you to be entertained by the calypsonians of Barbados as they are judged on their social commentary or party songs for the Pic-O-de-Crop and Party Monarch competitions in Barbados.


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