Calypso Tents

The story of calypso tents in Barbados is quite an interesting one. What we walk into today and get seated in, in anticipation of our favourite calypsonians is not what used to be the appearance of calypso tents at all.


Initially, calypso tents were indeed very primitive looking as they were actually designed to accommodate fans with a primary focus of keeping the elements at bay. Hence the reason they would be covered with palm trees and branches. These very tents not only accommodated the patrons but they also housed the very calypsonians that came out to perform. Under these very Calypso Tents, came a wealth of talent from the calypsonians within.


Today in Barbados, the word 'Calypso Tents' is still used but the appearances have certainly changed drastically from what was described earlier. These days Calypso Tents are held at venues such as Secondary Schools throughout Barbados, they are held at the Wildey Gymnasium and other venues large enough to accommodate the large crowds that come out to hear what's new on the calypso market with regards to social commentary and road march tunes.


Barbados Junior Calypso Tents

Introduced to the National Cultural Foundation in 2002, the Barbados Junior Calypso Tents was conceptualised by Wayne "Poonka" Willock. The purpose of this particular Barbados Junior Calypso Tent concept, was to create a stage where young and promising calypsonians can show their talents to the people of Barbados and be encouraged to continue in this particular art form.




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