Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes

The seventeenth (17th) century saw a historic introduction of the sugarcane industry to Barbados by the Dutch. As a result of this introduction, sugarcane now outweighed both tobacco and cotton with regards to being a lucrative crop. Initially, sugar was used on the island for internal purposes of feedstock, fuel and rum production but as larger plantations exported sugar, Barbados was seen through the eyes of the British as a major attraction. This new found attraction created an influx of British capitalists who came with a focus and goal of establishing Sugar Plantations on the island. This influx resulted in an increase in land prices throughout Barbados.


A vast majority of the plantations throughout Barbados had grinding mills which were used in the capacity of extracting and processing cane juice. Sugar was then dispatched to Britain to be refined together with molasses and rum. By the nineteenth (19th) century, the island of Barbados had just over ten (10) sugar factories where cane was harvested manually and subsequently loaded for transportation to sugar factories. The sugar industry in Barbados has evolved over the years as it has since become fully mechanical with the latest in technology.


The sugar industry in Barbados sustained a blow when the cost of sugar production on the island escalated and the price of sugar on the international market plummeted. This unfortunate fall-off, caused a dwindling effect in the sugar industry and  consequently the closure of numerous sugar factories.


To date, Barbados has two (2) sugar factories on the island. There are Portvale Sugar Factory in the parish of St. James and Andrews Sugar Factory in the parish of St. Joseph.


Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes in Barbados

The Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes is the official opening of Barbados' Crop Over Festival. At this festival is where the King and Queen of the Sugar Cane Crop Season are crowned based on their 'cane cutting' performances.


The Decorated Cart Parade is a parade that takes part in the Ceremonial Delivery of the Last Canes. This particular parade consists of persons in brightly coloured costumes, decorated donkey carts and other modes of transportation such as trucks, cars and bicycles.


The heart of our cultural being is highlighted through the many ethnic groups throughout the island of Barbados that showcase their talent by way of dance and music and through the unique cuisine that Barbados has to offer.




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