Junior Calypso Monarch

There's always focus on the youth of Barbados being the backbone of this island's future. Their early and continued development is essential with regards to the direction the country finds itself in as these are the potential leaders in years to come.


Part of that early development is honed by the exposure these children get when entered into the Junior Calypso Monarch Competition that takes place annually on the island of Barbados. This competition sees some of the best budding calypsonians take the stage with absolute bravery in a quest to win the Junior Calypso Monarch. Such a competition embeds in the minds of these children that being such a tender age is by no means a restriction with regards to achieving greatness.


The Junior Calypso Monarch was given birth to in the 1990s out of a need to encourage the young people of Barbados to write and perform their own music. This is not a criterion as there are instances where songs that are performed by young calypsonians are penned by others. Categories for these performances are 8-12 and 13-18.


Barbadians come out in numbers to see these little ones in their element. It is often said that based on the quality performances of these children, they surely give the seasoned calypsonians a tried and tested run for their money.


In a lot of instances, this competitive spirit doesn't stop here for these children, as some of them go on to compete in the Pic-O-De-Crop Competition which is catered to Barbados' more mature calypsonians.




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