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Attend a Sporting Event

Barbados is known for sun, sea and sand but these three elements are not all that make up the essence of the island. Though the aformentioned speaks volumes as to what the island is all about, there's still a sense of awe when one thinks of the fact that such a little island sitting in a relatively lonesome position in the Atlantic Ocean, can attract the kind of attention it does on an annual basis. Sporting events just take up a small portion of that attention arena.


There's a true love for sports on the island of Barbados and it is no wonder that sporting enthusiasts readily flock here to either take part or spectate. Barbados' passion for sport has seen the introduction of elite sporting facilites that offer true comfort when spectating. Sporting events in Barbados range from golf, rugby, hockey, netball, basketball, football, cricket, polo, horse racing and rallying. Sporting events can take to the seas by way of water sports activities such as game fishing, swimming, kayaking, yachting and surfing.


Sports Tourism

There is a heavy benefit associated with Sports Tourism in Barbados as tourists pump money back into the economy by way of tourism amenities such as restaurants and hotels. The Barbados Tourism Authority has contributed significantly to the development of sports in Barbados in one way or another, all in an effort to escalate visitor arrivals to the island.


Barbados has the ability to use its resources in order to earn foreign exchange as the growth of the economy can positively increase based on sports tourism. Throughout the world, the professional sports industry is a billion dollar business and there are multitudes of opportunities available for Barbados when one thinks of the prospect of international sportspersons coming to Barbados to take part in tournaments. This kind of exposure for Barbados is timely as the island is very much in its developmental stages.


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