Visitors at Mullins Beach, St. Peter, Barbados Pocket Guide

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Barbados is an island that is surrounded by crystal-clear waters and coral-like sands. There can therefore be no shortage of beaches on the island as we are simply surrounded. Whether labelled as rugged or calm, these beaches offer one thing in common and that is the affordability to relax and unwind.


North Coast Beaches

North Coast beaches on the island of Barbados provide excellent picnic spots for all. The views are astounding and they provide just the right relaxed ambience that is needed to make your stay in Barbados well worth it.


South Coast Beaches

South Coast beaches on the island of Barbados offer a bit more than the previously mentioned north coast beaches as they are regularly used for the purposes of swimming, snorkelling, windsurfing, kayaking, beach activities such as volleyball, Mountain Climbing Icebergs and lots more.


Some popular beaches along Barbados' South Coast include Accra Beach, Browne's Beach, Enterprise Beach, Miami Beach and Rockley Beach.


East Coast Beaches

East Coast beaches on the island of Barbados are renowned for the aggressive waves that consistently tumble their way ashore. This never-ending activity makes it scary for the weak at heart but quite a haven for surfers who take every available opportunity to cash in on the action of these swelling surfs. A very popular spot for surfers on the East Coast of Barbados is the 'Soup Bowl', which is located at Bathsheba in the parish of St. Joseph. The Soup Bowl is where you can find the island's biggest waves and on a 'good day' you will stand in awe at the size these waves can reach.


West Coast Beaches

West Coast beaches on the island of Barbados are crystal clear and usually very calm most of the year. This side of Barbados was once known as the Gold Coast but has been elevated to the ranks of Platinum Coast. Here is where excellent opportunities abound for snorkelling, water skiing, scuba diving, picnics, walks on the beach, swimming with turtles or simply relaxing on the beach in a chair and reading your favourite book.


Along with these picturesque scenery offered by the beaches of Barbados' West Coast, under the surface of it all comes a most unforgettable experience of underwater parks. This is when experienced as well as inexperienced divers take a plunge into these waters to capture the glory of the shipwrecks that await them. One such underwater park that can be.


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