East Coast Beach, St. Andrew, Barbados Pocket Guide

East Coast Beaches

Powerful crashing waves and pirates… historical landmarks and haunting ruins… white sandy beaches and world class surfing… magnificent coastal walks and mouth-watering freshly caught fish… turquoise water and tropical forests… dangerous swimming areas and dense bush land… beach-combing paradise and battered rock formations… cooling breezes and colourful characters… isolated calm and intriguing discoveries… all of this, and so much more, is the East Coast of Barbados.

Highly Recommended East Coast Beaches in Barbados

Barclays Park        Bath Beach        Bathsheba        Bottom Bay        Cattlewash

Historian, architect, artist, shopper, sightseer, sports person, photographer, writer, rambler, ecologist, conservationist, sun seeker - whatever your interest or passion, you will find something to please you on the East Coast of Barbados.

The following pages will hopefully give you a flavour of the idiosyncrasies and uniqueness of each individual bay or beach along the East Coast of Barbados. The descriptions will perhaps help you to decide where you would like to visit when you come to Barbados, or assist you in planning a route that incorporates which beaches or bays you would most like to visit.

Visitors to Barbados wishing to experience the 'true' Barbados may enjoy joining an organized trip to the East Coast with Island Safari, Adventureland, or Johnson's Tours,  thus being confident that in addition to visiting beaches and bays they will also get to see some of the other East Coast attractions - Andromeda Gardens, Chalky Mount Potteries and Morgan Lewis Mill, whilst often travelling little known roads or routes inaccessible to the usual tourist.

One of the best features of the East Coast of Barbados has to be its timeless and unspoilt character. Most of the land along the East Coast is protected, so there is less opportunity for major development than in other areas of Barbados. However, increasing tourism levels and interest from overseas visitors has recently seen the East Coast exposed to a greater demand for the purchase of land in the superb coastal and hideaway areas the East Coast of Barbados can offer. Fortunately, the East Coast of Barbados is unlikely to succumb to over development, as building and planning permission in these areas of natural beauty is almost impossible to obtain.   

For now, at least, the East Coast beaches of Barbados are waiting for you in all their rugged, natural, tropical, exciting, invigorating, dramatic, peaceful and exquisite glory – so why not visit them?


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