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Kitridge Bay

Kitridge Bay is almost at the eastern most point on Barbados, situated on the south east coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Philip.


Kitridge Bay lies between Palmetto Bay to the south, and Ragged Point to the north, the latter being the definitive eastern most point of Barbados and home to the prominent and iconic East Point Lighthouse, one of Barbados' four lighthouses.


Whilst Kitridge Bay in Barbados is not a popular tourist spot, the wild and rugged coastline at Kitridge Bay might provide the perfect location and scenery for photographers, writers and artists seeking inspiration. The towering cliffs that fringe the coastline at Kitridge Bay in Barbados are generally deserted, the large, echoing sea caves below even more mysterious and atmospheric due to the eerie whooshing sounds emanating from the abundant blow holes. 


The beach and coastline at Kitridge Bay in Barbados contain many sharp rocks which, in addition to the presence of some dangerous ravines in the area, and the Atlantic Ocean's thunderous waves and often unpredictable, hazardous currents, do not make Kitridge Bay in Barbados a suitable place to visit if you want a traditional day at the beach with the family.


Visiting Kitridge Bay in Barbados is nonetheless worthwhile if you want to walk or hike along the Barbados cliff tops. Depending on your preferences, it could also be also an exhilarating picnic area, or an opportunity to scour a stony Caribbean beach at low tide for rocks or shells. The strong windy conditions at Kitridge Bay in Barbados might also at times be suitable for kite flying or even possibly, at low tide, for kite boarding. Alternatively, you might just want to quietly relax and take in the outstanding views, and you may occasionally spot some of the experienced surfers who thrive on the excellent 'wave' conditions at many similar Barbados East Coast locations. 


The imposing, picturesque Kitridge Point is one of Barbados' most important peninsulas on the island's southeast coastline, Kitridge Bay's waters incorporating part of Cobblers Reef, an intricate sixteen kilometre long coral reef in the Atlantic Ocean that stretches from South Point, north past Kitridge Point, past the East Coast Lighthouse and culminating just beyond Ragged Point. The waves break almost a mile away from the shore, leaving much of the coral visible.


The land in this area is dry and rock-strewn - the vegetation in eastern St. Philip subsequently differs slightly from other parts of Barbados, with several different varieties of cacti flourishing in the harsh arid conditions. For those interested in knowing more about these species of Barbados plants, several varieties of cacti are displayed at Andromeda Botanical Gardens, and Barbados has a Cactus & Succulent Society.


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