East Point Lighthouse

East Point Lighthouse is located at Ragged Point in St. Philip on the island of Barbados. Its towering structure serves as reminder of days of yore when they served an important function in terms of the safety and security of the sailors of passing and incoming boats. Alas, that period has been overtaken by the improvements in technology.




The lighthouse is an eighty-five (85) ft coral stone structure which was constructed and placed in 1875. One of its outstanding features was a rotating light which was operated by heavy iron weights. As these weights had to wound every few hours for the lighthouse to be functional, it was therefore necessary for the lightkeeper to be residing close by so as not to miss this important activity. In many instances, residences were provided for them to ensure they were always near enough to jump into action as required.


Like the other lighthouses in Barbados, East Point is no longer active, however persons can freely drive up to the structure as part of their sight-seeing tour around the island.




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