Sunbury Plantation House

Sunbury Plantation House is located in Oldbury, in the eastern parish of St. Philip in Barbados. As its name suggests, it was once a sugar plantation, having been built in the 17th century around 1660. The passing of the centuries has also seen the property passing through many "hands" and names before resting on the current name of Sunbury Plantation circa 1781 and being owned by a Barbadian family.




Age and the occurrence of a fire saw the magnificence of the property experiencing some destruction; however when efforts were made to restore it to its former pride of place, everything from furniture to dinnerware was selected in order that its authenticity might also be restored. Selections were therefore carefully made of prized antiques. Every vantage point in the house was put to good use, so for example cellars that were once used as food storage areas were re-assigned to house one of the largest selection of carriages anywhere in the Caribbean: carriages which may have been used back in the days of the plantocracy and prior to the existence of automobiles as known today.


Sunbury Plantation House consists of a large white structure with a red roof and the flag of Barbados flying high on the grounds. All rooms can be accessed by the public during the tour and artifacts, have been strategically placed on the inside and on the grounds in order to create the correct ambiance for all visitors.


There is also a restaurant on site and when one sees the grounds, it will also become clear why Sunbury is also a popular choice for weddings, cocktail parties and even jazz evenings. There are various menus to select from: brunch, lunch and cocktail. A major highlight at this sightseeing gem of the east is its Planter’s Candlelight Dinner which allows patrons to be seated at the fancy two hundred (200) year dining table and be wined and dined with a full 5-course meals, taking one back to the days of extravagance. If you enjoy experiencing true gastronomic decadenc, then call and make a booking for this dinner event.


Today, Sunbury is more of a heritage site and attraction. The house is open for viewing seven (7) days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with the last tour being run at 4:30 p.m. To get a taste of life in earlier years in Barbados, visit Sunbury Plantation House.




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