Andromeda Botanical Gardens

In Foster Hall, St Joseph off Highway 3 in Barbados sits six (6) acres of a dream of one woman; Iris Bannochie (now deceased). It is called Andromeda Gardens, where every conceivable part of the land is home to over 600 species of plants, flowers and other foliage.



Andromeda Gardens is a park, a botanical garden which far surpasses the dream of every horticulturist or garden lover. Overlooking the fishing village of Tent Bay in the same parish, it can be described as location with therapeutic potential due to the beauty and peaceful surroundings.


Mrs. Bannochie started to conceptualise and create this garden from 1954 on this spot that was owned by her family for more than 200 years. As it was not opened to the public until the 1970s, this suggests that the careful thought was given to the ambiance and overall look and feel of Andromeda Gardens long before it was finalized. Plants were brought in from all over the globe and hybrids created, more testimony to her personal background as a horticulturist. The addition of giant boulders and water-lily ponds lend to the package and "look and feel" of Andromeda. The end result is a free-flowing and natural accumulation of plants and flowers, not appearing in the least bit stilted or contrived.


To give a taste of the variety to be seen: ginger lilies, ferns of all kinds, cacti, drought-tolerant plants, orchids, heliconias and the list can go on and on.


Apart from it being an attraction for visitors and Barbadians, Andromeda Gardens is also a research and educational ground for the University of the West Indies. In fact, there is a medicinal plant collection under development as part of this research.


Admission to the public is Barbados $20.00 for adults and $10 for children. It is open every day except Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Kadooment (1st Monday in August), Emancipation Day (August 1st) and Christmas Day.




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