Hackleton's Cliff

On the border of St. Joseph and St. John in Barbados, there is a spot which can definitely be classified as one of the highest points on the island. It is Hackleton’s Cliff which has a sharp perpendicular rise, some one thousand (1000) ft above sea level.



In terms of background, there is more folklore than fact as it is alleged that the cliff is named after a man who many years ago committed suicide by riding a horse off the said cliff.


Hackleton's cliff provides yet another spectacular view of the east coast of Barbados. On a crystal clear day, this view can span from Pico Tenerife in the north of the island to Ragged Point in the south-east.


In Barbados, there are many sites where you can go to be restored and regain some faith in the tranquil powers of Mother Nature. The summit of Hackleton's cliff is one such location and there is no monetary charge to access it.




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