Joe's River

The island of Barbados was covered in a Tropical Rainforest before it was discovered and settled in 1627. Joe's River is a tropical rain forest located in the depths of the eastern parish of St. Joseph in Barbados. It consists of eighty-five (85) acres of woodlands, hill, gullies and loads and loads of mahogany trees. There is a watercourse which accepts the down flows of rain and other water from the surrounding areas.




This site is made all the more attractive and appealing by the nature trails for the walkers and the picnic areas for those persons who want to stop and have a meal out in the open in a back to nature setting.  


Another offshoot is the Joe's River Gorge, which is most suitable for hikers and other nature lovers. A moderate level of fitness is necessary to make it through as well as comfortable and appropriate attire, such as enclosed footwear and loose clothing. Walk with bottled water to minimize the possibility of dehydration.


Joe's River Tropical Rain forest is maintained by the National Conservation Commission (NCC), the official caretaker for Barbados' parks and beaches.




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