Hunte's Gardens

On the border of St. Thomas and St. Joseph in Barbados is a tropical paradise inspired by a single man with a background in horticulture is Hunte's Gardens. The home of the Gardens is on an old sugar plantation and is in relative proximity to The Flower Forest and Orchid World and signage and directions are significantly adequate that they can be found without issue.




In his development and creation of his garden, Mr. Hunte took into account dark, light and shadows to create the holistic experience for other flower and plant enthusiasts. The use of colour and texture through the selection of varied species of plants and flowers is used to a great degree. Palms, heliconias, orchids and hundreds other members of the plant species have been carefully selected in order for the dream of creating this haven, to be realized.


Winding through the gardens are pathways which make every corner accessible. Birds and animals traverse freely and the strains of classical music wafting through the outdoors, cements the paradisiacal feeling.


Hunte's Garden goes beyond the imagination. The venue is sought after and rented for special occasions such as weddings, private parties and photo shoots. It is open daily, and there is an entrance fee of $20.00 Barbados dollars. This fee includes a cool refreshing drink.




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