Tropical Flowers, Barbados Pocket Guide


In Barbados, flowers have become a creative way of communication throughout the island. Usually conveyed by way of floral arrangements, flowers are used to express thoughts and feelings in the event of a funeral, wedding, christening, birthday party, personal celebration or simply "just because".


Barbados is becoming more and more in touch with the natural energy associated with being surrounded by flowers as is reflected when commercial buildings or homes are constructed and quickly become hemmed in by beautiful flowers.


After all, flowers add life and are more than capable of matching or making your frame of mind. Used alone or combined with others, flowers can create beautiful arrangements that illustrate thousands of pictures.



The main reason flowers are flowers is for the purpose of reproduction. They are the primary reproductive organ of the plant and they bring about the coupling of sperm, contained within pollen, to the ovules — contained in the ovary.


The process of pollination is the transportation of pollen from the anthers to the stigma. Fertilisation occurs as a result of coupling the sperm to the ovules. Normally pollen is moved from one plant to another, but many plants are able to self pollinate. The fertilized ovules produce seeds that are the next generation. Flowers have specific designs which encourages the transfer of pollen from one plant to another of the same species.


Many plants are dependent upon external factors for pollination, including: wind and animals, and especially insects. Even large animals such as birds and bats are seen taking part in this unique operation. The period of time during which this process can take place (the flower is fully expanded and functional) is called anthesis.


Many flowers have close relationships with either one or a few specific pollinating organisms. This influence of closely associated species on each other in their own evolution augurs well for successful reproduction as they would have grown together and were able to complement each other.


Pride of Barbados

The national flower of Barbados is called Pride of Barbados. This quick-growing plant of Barbados is an evergreen bush that blossoms all year round, making it a beautiful complement to any Barbadian garden.


The flowers are usually a combination of red, orange and yellow.  The pink flowering plant is not as common on the island of Barbados but does exists on the island.


Further information on the National Flower of Barbados, the Pride of Barbados can be sourced at the following website


Floral Arranging in Barbados

The island of Barbados has become quite popular through its attendance at the annual Chelsea Flower Show that takes place in London. The Chelsea Show is  the top-ranking event on Britain's gardening calendar. It sets the largest gardening trends, features the newest and most desirable gardening products and creates an explosion of colours and scents for all to stand in absolute awe of.


Barbados has been going to the Chelsea Show for more than 20 years and has captured many gold and silver awards since its presence there.


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