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Tent Bay

Tent Bay is a charming little bay on the East Coast of Barbados in the parish of St. Joseph, with Martin's Bay and Congor Bay to the south, and Bathsheba - of which Tent Bay village is a suburb - and Cattlewash, to the north. 


The shoreline of Tent Bay in Barbados is constantly lined with a plethora of colourful local fishing boats that moor there, and morning and evening visitors to the area can observe the Bajan fishermen sailing in and out of the bay in their 'day-boats'. Fishing is a way of life for the people who live in Tent Bay in Barbados, and it is something of a privilege to watch how they manoeuvre their tiny crafts on the forceful waters of the Atlantic Ocean.


Tent Bay is also home to a small fish market, an absolute must for discerning aficionados of good quality fresh fish and seafood! You can also drive down to the seafront and park near to the market.


Tent Bay has a rugged stretch of beach, the combination of sand and rocks providing stimulating walking and beachcombing areas. The stunning yet diverse landscapes and scenery have also made Tent Bay in Barbados a sought after location for avid photographers.


Similar to other beaches along the East Coast of Barbados, there are strong currents and undertows, and recreational swimming is not recommended.


However, similar to the neighbouring 'Soup Bowl'  in nearby Bathsheba, Tent Bay is also a surfing area. Visiting surfers can expect to find an exposed reef break in Tent Bay that mostly has surfing waves but can be flat in the summer months. The usual cautions apply, and hazards in the guise of rip tides and rocks are warned against, but experienced surfers should experience good surf at Tent Bay, with the added appeal of fewer crowds. 


Perhaps one of the main landmarks in this area of Barbados is one of the island's oldest hotels, the Atlantis Hotel, an elegant Victorian hotel fully refurbished in 2009 and now classed as a boutique hotel. Perched majestically atop a hill in the village of Tent Bay in St. Joseph, the Atlantis Hotel in Barbados withstands the persistent bracing winds as it proudly oversees the rugged Atlantic Ocean and fishing activities below. 


The Atlantis Hotel has always been locally renowned for its traditional Bajan cuisine, the Atlantis chefs priding themselves on using local fresh foods such as meats, seafood, dairy products, and fruits and vegetables. An especially popular occasion is the outstanding lunchtime buffets served at the Atlantis Hotel in Barbados each Wednesday and Sunday. Although the hotel has changed hands several times, most recently in 2008, the new owners decided to carry on with this tradition, thus continuing to provide diners with sumptuous first-class Caribbean dishes.


The twenty four mile long Barbados railway was active from 1883 to 1937, predominantly being used to transport sugar cane and passengers from Bridgetown to the northern parish of St. Andrew.  Within this part of the island near Tent Bay, the railway track mostly followed the scenic sea road, the passengers being afforded unsurpassed views of the ocean and surrounding countryside. Guests staying at the Atlantis Hotel would almost certainly have watched trains passing along the old railway that travelled in front of the hotel on its way from Bridgetown to Belleplaine, and one of the train's scheduled stops was actually at the of The Atlantis Hotel's front entrance steps.


Dr. Colin Hudson (1938 - 2004), an outstanding Barbadian environmentalist, agricultural scientist and hike leader, was once challenged to walk the entire length of Barbados' sole train route in one day. His successful accomplishment of this challenge led to the creation of an annual event, "The Great Train Hike", respectfully changed after his death to "The Colin Hudson Great Train Hike".


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