Bottom Bay

Considered by many as home to 'the most impressive beach on the island', Bottom Bay is located on the South East Coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Philip, with Cave Bay, Sam Lord's Castle and Crane Beach to the south and Palmetto Bay, East Point Lighthouse and Ragged Bay to the north.

Bottom Bay in Barbados is an attractive remote cove with a picturesque beach, partly bordered by rough jagged cliffs - the perfect place if you're seeking that 'desert island' atmosphere. Coconut palms sway in the soft breezes, soaring cliffs and intriguing caves, shimmering translucent turquoise waves roll gently onto the seashore, wide stretches of powder soft golden white sand… a tropical paradise!  

Although there are car parking facilities on the cliff top at Bottom Bay in Barbados, you will need to be reasonably able bodied to get down the steps leading to the beach.  This area is also becoming an increasingly popular part of the island to live in, with many new homes with beach and ocean views being built on the cliff tops.  These cliffs also provide visitors with spectacular walks that carry the additional prospect of spotting turtles and whales in the waters below.

Once at beach level, the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere at Bottom Bay in Barbados makes it an ideal picnic venue, and at the weekend there are beach chairs and umbrellas for hire and it can get quite crowded with tourists and Bajans. In contrast, the beach at Bottom Bay is almost deserted during the week, with no more than a few guests from nearby hotels wandering down. If you are planning to picnic at Bottom Bay in make sure you go well prepared, as there no public facilities or amenities, and no food or drink retail outlets. 

As Bottom Bay is on the East Coast of Barbados, the Atlantic Ocean's waves are significantly stronger there than those found at the more sheltered beaches of Barbados' West Coast. Swimming is generally not recommended due to the medium to large waves and unpredictable strong currents and undertow, and anyone deciding to swim here needs to do so at their own risk. It is also sensible not to go in the water if there is no else with you, as there are no lifeguards at Bottom Bay.

Adventurous adrenaline-seeking tourists will love the Atlantic Ocean's roaring waves and exciting swells that regularly entice board, wind and kite surfers.  However, if you are planning to 'ride the waves' at Bottom Bay in Barbados, watch out for the numerous jagged projecting rock formations scattered around the Bottom Bay shoreline. 

Bottom Bay in Barbados is close to other attractions such as the ruins of Harrismith House and Sam Lord's Castle. 


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