Bath Beach

Bath Beach is on the East Coast of Barbados in the parish of St. John, near Codrington College. The waters are protected by one of the many off-shore coral reefs found around Barbados and thought to provide one of the safest places for swimming and bathing on the East Coast of Barbados, hence the name Bath Beach. 

The hardy Casuarina trees populous in Barbados and the strong fresh breezes provide many cool shady areas for relaxing picnics on the grassy lawns or beach, from where you can take in breathtaking views.

There are plenty of local Barbados beach vendors selling tasty snacks, refreshments and several areas have picnic tables. In addition to these picnic areas, Bath Beach also has a large car park and public changing rooms, toilets and showers.  

While the water's edge at Bath Beach is ideal for lazing or cooling off in, as with many other beaches on the Barbados East Coast, the very strong currents mean it is not generally highly rated for swimming. Barbados coastal safety authorities insist on a red flag being displayed when the sea is too dangerous for swimming, and although a lifeguard is sometimes on duty, this cannot be guaranteed.

Bath Beach's scenic coastline is a popular spot for Barbados inhabitants and it can become very busy with local people at weekends and public holidays. Visitors wanting to escape the busier tourist areas of Barbados would be better to visit Bath Beach during the week when it is more tranquil. There is also a playground where children can burn off their energy while you relax.

If you prefer to be active while you are visiting Barbados and its beaches, try walking in a northerly direction from Bath Beach until you discover a waterfall and the old disused train line that ran from nearby Bathsheba to Bridgetown, Barbados' capital. You can also walk to the cliffs at Conset Bay and to Conger Rocks.

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