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South Coast Beaches

Affectionately nicknamed the 'Fun Coast', the beaches and bays on the South Coast of Barbados are in the parishes of St Michael and Christ Church. While there is something for everyone at the various beaches and bays on the South Coast, these locations will probably appeal most to the fun-loving, thrill-seeking, adventurous tourists looking for fun all day and all night, rather than to those preferring peace, quiet and relaxation. 

 Highly Recommended South Coast Beaches in Barbados

Rockley Beach        Brighton Beach        Browne's Beach        Carlisle Bay        Cotton House Bay

The Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet at the South Coast of Barbados, resulting in a combination of lively waves, beautiful expanses of white sand beaches, lush tropical vegetation, and inshore reefs and tidal pools crammed with marine treasures.

The waters at some of the beaches and bays on the South Coast are predominantly 'rough' enough for a myriad of energetic watersports - surfing and windsurfing, jet skiing and kayaking, sailing and diving, kiteboarding and boogie boarding. Other beaches and bays on the South Coast have calmer waves and swells, and are suitable for activities such as recreational swimming and gentle snorkelling.

Many of the busier South Coast resorts also offer alternative beach and water activities such as volleyball, trampolines, mountain climbing 'Icebergs', water slides, paddle ball, parasailing, and pedalos, to name a few. Most of the beaches on the South Coast have lifeguards, provide beach chairs and umbrellas to rent, and the huge beaches are the perfect place to get your suntan. 

The South Coast of Barbados is heavily populated with endless nightclubs, restaurants, bars and hotels, and venues such as the Boatyard allow tourists to 'have fun and party' twenty four hours a day. By far the best nightlife spot in Barbados is in St. Lawrence Gap, where the streets are lively and buzzing night and day.



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