St. Lawrence Beach

St. Lawrence Gap is a popular area on the South Coast of Barbados in the parish of Christ Church, with Dover Beach, Maxwell beach and Oistins to the east, and Sandy Beach, Worthing Beach, Accra Beach and Bridgetown to the west.  Known to Bajans as 'The Gap', St. Lawrence Gap is an exciting, lively location offering an excellent variety of restaurants, shops, clubs, bars and nightlife. 


The beach at St. Lawrence Bay, also known as 'Little Bay' (not to be confused with Little Bay on the North Coast of Barbados), and can be found at the entrance to the popular St. Lawrence Gap. The sea here is really shallow at low tide, so non-swimmers can wade quite a long way out and still enjoy the sea without worrying about being out of their depth.  Snorkelling is recommended in one of the shallow reefs protecting St. Lawrence Bay in Barbados, with many varieties of tropical fish, aquatic plants and fascinating rock formations to be seen in the individual coves.


St. Lawrence Bay generally has strong breezes and small to medium sized waves, and is therefore ideal for many watersports such as windsurfing, kayaking and kitesurfing. The assorted reefs and sandbanks at St. Lawrence Bay will also allow you to try out your boogie boarding techniques there, a popular pastime in Barbados.  For the more adventurous, underwater scooters can be rented here, and there are also plenty of exciting and challenging scuba diving opportunities.


For those of you who prefer gentler exercise while you are holidaying in Barbados, a walk along the beach at St. Lawrence Bay will nearly always yield an abundance of treasure such as tropical sea shells and other fascinating manifestations of marine life.




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