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Turtle Beach

The aptly named Turtle Beach is in the Dover area on the South Coast of Barbados, in the parish of Christ Church, with the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, Accra Beach and Needham's Point Lighthouse to the west, and Maxwell Beach, Welches Beach and Oistins to the east. 

Lying at the quieter eastern end of the St. Lawrence Gap area, the beautiful fifteen (1500) foot long white sandy Turtle Beach can be reached via a sandy track. The beach is generally quite busy with sun seekers, couples and and families staying at one of the many nearby hotels, apartments or guesthouses.

The brilliant topaz waters here are perhaps not as calm as other Barbados beaches but it is still considered a safe swimming area. The small to medium sized waves actually provide excellent conditions for body or boogie boarding, and if you are a keen windsurfer you can benefit from the stronger breezes a tiny bit further out to sea.

One of the main attractions of Turtle Beach, as the name implies, is that it is a favourite nesting spot for pregnant female sea turtles who seasonally come ashore and lay their eggs on the expansive beach, and many lucky Barbados holidaymakers have seen see a nesting turtle or baby hatchlings here. Hatching generally happens in the late evening or at night, and as hatchlings are attracted to light most hotels in Barbados tend to adjust their lights so as not to confuse the baby turtles!

Turtle Beach, an all inclusive Elegant Hotels resort, is situated nearby to its namesake Barbados beach, and a charming story is relayed whereby the grand opening night coincided with a hatching night. The baby turtles were attracted by the bright lights and waded into the hotel cocktail party instead of into the sea!

If you are in a turtle nesting area, always make sure you walk gently and do not disturb the eggs.  Barbados is very protective of its sea turtles and the Barbados Sea Turtle Project (BSTP) monitors nesting and hatching activity during turtle season which is April to December.


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