Oistins Beach

Oistins Beach is situated on the South Coast of Barbados, in the parish of Christ Church, with Welches Beach, Maxwell Beach and Dover Beach to the north west, and Miami Beach, Cotton House Bay and South Point Lighthouse to the south east.


Disabled access to Oistins Beach in Barbados is good and there are toilets and showers, but there is no lifeguard on duty. Numerous fishing vessels regularly sail to and fro in the placid waters at Oistins Beach in Barbados, so although the sea is calm and safe for swimming, with only small to medium waves and very little in the way of currents or undertow, please be careful of the boat traffic! 


In Barbados the name 'Oistins' is mostly synonymous with fishing. The village of Oistins is a lively fishing community and the beach is constantly used for day-to-day fishing activities such as net weaving and repairs, the fishermen happy to share their stories and catch with you. During the day, why not visit one of the many rum shops and food stalls that line Oistins Beach, even if only to mingle with the local fishermen playing dominoes and drinking a few beers. If you visit Oistins Beach in the early evening, several fishermen who may invite you to sample the fish they have caught during the day and are now cooking on a beach bonfire - they do not expect any money though, they are just being friendly. 


A weekly 'Fish Fry' is also held every Friday and Saturday night at the cheerful purpose built cabins at Oistins Bay Gardens, and hordes of Bajans and tourists visit Oistins every weekend to sample the fried and grilled fish and several other delicious local dishes. The 'Fish Fry' is lively event with a party atmosphere, with many vendors to choose from, visitors sitting to eat at the picnic tables, and Calypso and reggae music blaring from the bandstand; those who enjoyed the Oistins' former rustic charm before it was redeveloped may now find the event less traditional.


The main event at Oistins in Barbados is the annual Fish Festival which celebrates and honours individuals who have contributed to the local fishing industry. Usually held at Easter, this energetic festival holds events such as the 'fish boning' and 'grease-pole' competitions to entertain locals and tourists.


Oistins is also one of the best places in Barbados to but some of the many locally crafted goods, such as pottery, jewellery, wood carvings and art.


Like many other locations in Barbados, Oistins also has strong historical links as it was where Royalists and Roundhead supporters clashed in 1639. The purpose of the battle was to attain independence from Cromwell's England and resulted in the initiation of Articles of Agreement and the instigation of Barbados' own parliament, the third oldest parliament in the Commonwealth.




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