Fish Being Fried at Oistins Fish Festival, Oistins, Christ Church, Barbados Pocket Guide

Oistins Fish Festival

The concept behind Barbados' Oistins Fish Festival is one that pays tribute to the contribution of persons involved in the island's fishing industry. With the first festival taking place in 1977, the Oistins Fish Festival has grown to attract thousands of locals and tourists. This festival takes place every Easter weekend in Oistins, which is located on Barbados' southern side of the island in the parish of Christ Church.


In Barbados, the art of fishing has become a big part of the Bajan culture and in lots of instances, for recreational purposes. The experts of this art, come together to showcase their talents in ways that will certainly thrill you. One truly stunning experience to embrace while at the Oistins Fish Festival is the Fish Boning Competition. We dare you to try your hand at cleaning fish faster than the fisher folk at Oistins. Truly Amazing!


Other competitions such as the grease-pole competition, the Oistins Fish Festival Pageant, the Oistins Fish Fry and the Oistins Fish Festival Art Competition are all exciting aspects of the festival with the Oistins Fish Fry being the main event. During the Fish Fry, numerous stalls can be visited where visitors are given the opportunity to select fish from a choice of fish cakes, pudding and fried fish all at great prices. As you're surrounded by so many food stalls and rum shops it would not be a wise idea to go home without having a drink of mauby, a Banks Beer or a glass of good old Bajan rum.


The Arts and Crafts section of the Oistins Fish Festival is very much alive as patrons to the festival can see some of the most talented Barbadians showcase their creativity in some of the most interesting ways.

Filled with food, fun, talent, various genres of music and lots of great conversation, the Oistins Fish Festival is indeed a must to see festival that goes on in Barbados.


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