A Taste of Barbados

The month of October in Barbados is a month that excites the taste buds of many locals and visitors as the island gears itself up for the hosting of the island's international food festival "A Taste of Barbados". This delectable festival spans over a nine (9)  day period that features the very best in food and drink.


The sole purpose of A Taste of Barbados, is to expose the people of Barbados to not only the fabulous cuisine the island has to offer but also what famous chefs and restaurants from around the world have to offer as well.


Throughout the course of A Taste of Barbados festival, there is a wonderful blend of activities that will certainly expose you to not only fine cuisine but some aspects of Barbados' culture and heritage that are tapped into by way of the many other activities that take place throughout the course of the festival.


A Taste of Barbados for Kids

As we all know, children are lovers of good food and as a result, they get their fill in this festival as special seminars are conducted for them to open up to the concept of good eating habits by way of preparing and cooking meals.




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