Needham's Point Beach

Needham's Point is situated on the South West Coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Michael, with the island's capital, Bridgetown, to the north and Accra Beach, St. Lawrence Gap and Oistins to the south. There are three (3) beaches in the Needham's Point area, with Needham's Point Beach nestled between Pebbles Beach to the north and Drill Hall Beach to the south. 


The talcum powdery soft white sandy beach at Needham's Point is a favourite haunt for the people of Barbados and visitors. Gently lapping turquoise waters are kept naturally safe for swimming by the reefs, and snorkelling in the shimmering translucent sea here is highly recommended. The water at nearby Pebbles Beach is also calm and, going the other way, the livelier sea at Drill Hall Beach is great for body 'boogie' boarding and novice surfing. After the activities take time to cool off in the shade at the small recreational park nearby, where energetic children can enjoy the swings and see-saws while you find a shaded picnic bench where you can relax and eat your lunch.


The Needham's Point area has several historical associations. You can still see the Drill Hall and St. Anne's Fort, both built in the early eighteenth (18th) century, and in the early 1800s Needham's Point was also the location of the naval dockyard, the buildings being used as barracks until 1831. The Military Cemetery, first used in the late eighteenth (18th) century, is situated behind the fort. Barbados proudly houses the world's rarest collection of seventeenth century English iron cannon including the rare but magnificent Victoria Gun, and the Commonwealth Cannon. There is admission free access to the cemetery, the relevant bodies asking instead for donations to aid in the upkeep, maintenance and renovation of the cemetery and other buildings of military significance.


Another landmark at Needham’s Point in is the Needham's Point Lighthouse. The second oldest of Barbados' four lighthouses, Needham's Point Lighthouse was first built in the middle of the nineteenth century. Octagonal in shape and design, the  white stone Needham's Bay Lighthouse fulfilled a crucial role in guiding sailing vessels safely into harbour, its stationary light (the other three lighthouses in Barbados all have rotating lights) flashing every eight (8) seconds. It later became the property of the Barbados Hilton and now sits majestically in the hotel grounds after its refurbishment, and although the site is open to the public, access to the now inoperative tower is not permitted.


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