Browne's Beach

Brownes Beach is situated within Carlisle Bay on the South West Coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Michael. Located in the suburbs of Barbados' capital, Bridgetown, Brownes Beach lies between the Bridgetown Cruise Terminal and Bridgetown Port to the north, and Pebbles Beach and Needham's Point to the south.

One of Barbados' largest beaches, Brownes Beach has pure white sand and still azure seas that are perfect for swimming and bathing in, and there is also a lifeguard on duty at the beach. Take your own beach chairs or towels though, as there are no beach chairs available for renting. Be careful as well if you’re sunbathing at Brownes Beach in Barbados as there are no shady palm trees on this suburban beach.

Brownes Beach in Barbados is an excellent place from which to observe both Bajan life and tourism. It overlooks Carlisle Bay, with its colourful array of small boats and catamarans ready to transport passengers for a few hours or a day trip at sea. Look out for some impressive yachts as well - the Barbados Yacht Club is on adjoining Pebbles Beach, the area's calm waters providing perfect anchorage conditions. Brownes Beach in Barbados is also a prime position from which to watch the various cruise ships docking at the nearby Bridgetown Port.

If your preference is to be in the sea rather than on it, snorkellers going in the sea at Brownes Beach in Barbados can observe a wealth of diverse tropical sea life below the surface, and a little further out in the bay scuba divers can explore one of several wrecks. 

If you like to keep dry on the other hand, Brownes Beach in Barbados is an excellent picnicking venue, though there are no food and drink outlets unless you walk to other nearby beaches. Brownes Beach in Barbados is also a good place to exercise and keep fit, and the lengthy beach provides the ideal opportunity for extensive walks or jogs.

If you're looking for something a bit livelier, Adventure Beach at The Boatyard is a little way up the coastline to the north of the beach, at Bay Street in Bridgetown. Here you will find beach loungers and umbrellas, a waterslide, ocean trampolines, a floating 'mountain climbing iceberg', beach activities, changing facilities, showers and toilets, non-stop music, and a bar and restaurant. It also has excellent access for disabled people. 

If you've had enough sun, sea and sand for the day, another nearby Barbados attraction worth visiting is Needham's Point Lighthouse. Built in 1855, Needham's Point Lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse in Barbados. It has an octagonal shape, and when in use had a half-red, half-green light stationary light that let approaching vessels know if they were port or starboard of Carlisle Bay.

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