Barbados Port of Authority

The Bridgetown Port which falls under the ambit of the Barbados Port Inc is a well-organised and  well-run port of authority which operates from the Deep Water Harbour in the parish of St. Michael on the island of Barbados. It is a state-run agency which controls all elements of shipping and immigration as it pertains to Barbados. The specificity of its regulation can be seen as there are precise configurations documented as they pertain to the smooth flow of traffic in and out of the port, e.g latitude and longitude, anchorage and berthing specifications to name a few.




It was first started in 1979, however was reviewed and its offer enhanced during a period of government reformation in 2003. As a result, the Port was fully incorporated under The Companies Act in December 2003 and renamed Barbados Port Inc.


It must be stated that this port of entry, The Bridgetown Port, serves as the main entry point for more than 90% of the goods utilized by the retail and manufacturing sectors on the island. Through this service The Port contributes to the successful operation of many businesses on the island of Barbados. Very important is its role as a entry point for cruise trips travelling on the Southern Caribbean route.


Like any established business, The Bridgetown Port operates to a set mission and vision and also has defined objectives against which its operational success is assessed. Its administration and management falls under the ambit of The Ministry of International Business andTransport.


In taking its responsibilities seriously and in every effort to conform to international standards as applicable to a major port, the Barbados Port Inc has defined a strict set of guidelines relevant to security and the handling of dangerous items. Dangerous goods are defined and described. General safety regulations are also documented so that there is minimal uncertainty in this area. There are also guidelines outlined for the using and handling of petroleum products. This level of detail and attention is considered essential to ensure the safety of all persons using the port entrances and exits.




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