National Heroes Square

In the heart of Bridgetown, capital city of the island of Barbados and located to the northern end of the Careenage waterway, sits National Heroes Square, what was formerly and familiarly known as Trafalgar Square. It was renamed in 1999 in recognition and honour of a number of the island’s national heroes. The new name was adopted on 22nd April and the official ceremony took place on 28th April, which from that date on became a public holiday referred to as Heroes Day.




Adding to the relaxing aura of Heroes Square is the existence of a fountain, which was constructed in 1861 in commemoration of the introduction of running water to Barbados' capital, Bridgetown.


Housed in the Parliament Buildings is a museum dedicated to highlighting the lives of the ten Barbadians who were honoured at the time when the Square received its new name. The museum of the Parliament Buildings affords all of its visitors, whether local or overseas, an opening to gain an appreciation of the experiences, trials and triumphs of these heroes and heroines, which have helped to shape the historical footprint of Barbados. Murals, interactive screens and sculptures are the artistic mediums through which the content is displayed in the museum.


Due to its very strategic location, Heroes Square is used periodically for open air concerts, discussions, company incentive drives, and plant sales, to name a few.


There is no way one should visit the city of Bridgetown and avoid passing through Heroes Square.




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