The Museum of Parliament

The Parliament Museum is located in the West Wing of the Parliament Buildings, strategically positioned at the top of Broad Street, in the capital of Bridgetown on the island of Barbados. The Barbados Parliamant has a long and rich history, commencing in 1639, and the Museum was conceptualized and created in recognition of this.  




By highlighting major events, milestones and people who have contributed to its development over the years, it has sought to preserve the past and capture the present of the life and journey of Parliament between its walls. All the exhibits centre around the input and participation of key local figures as well as the general populace who were associated in some measure with driving the transformation of the social, economic and political landscape of Barbados.


Pictures and preserved  documents  are but two of the means used to reflect the passage of time in this journey as one walks through the gallery of the Museum. Ever conscious of remaining true and relevant to the overseas visitor and the socially conscious Barbadian, efforts have been made to create a largely interactive display. It affords the opportunity to give consideration to the island's evolvement into democracy and to examine through a varied medium, the part played  by the Barbados Parliament over the years in developing the island socially and economically.


Finally, there is a gift shop at the museum from which can be obtained various mementos reflecting the overall themes of the Parliament Museum of Barbados and offering long-lasting memories of the visit to the museum.




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