Caribbean Cigar Company

The island of Barbados is home to a variety of retail and manufacturing plants which produce items ranging from the exotic to the simple. The Caribbean Cigar company is one such business operation. Currently housed in The Pelican Village complex, just outside the capital city of Bridgetown, Barbados it is known to manufacture two top-of-the-line cigars. The two being: The Royal Barbados and The Sam Lord cigars.




The business owners of the company, a husband and wife team, are considered to have the requisite experience and background to dedicate themselves to sustaining the existence of this business, specifically the husband whose lineage comes from high profile cigar producers and manufacturers in Germany.


Attention to detail and patience would be two of the attributes required to facilitate the creation of these special blends. For the process is completely manual with no automation used at this time. The achievement of consistently fine quality for which the Company has become known is realized only through the application of a keen sense of smell and sight and the commitment to produce the finished products, both aptly named in line with the rich heritage of the island of Barbados.


The Royal Barbados cigar is said to have a very sweet aroma and is sought after by cigar connoisseurs the world over. The cigars are attractively packaged in custom-made wooden boxes set out in sets of twenty-five (25). Production is continuous and the company is able to roll out at least one thousand cigars per day. The cigars can be shipped overseas with the shipper of preference in use being Fedex.  There is a limit of two (2) boxes per shipment.


There are some new smoking restrictions in Barbados, so before lighting up, kindly check each establishment which you patronize to see whether any arrangements have been made to accommodate smokers.




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