Entrance to the Bridgetown Fish Market, Barbados Pocket Guide

Bridgetown Fish Market

Barbados is an island, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other. It has approximately 270,000 residents, compromised of nationals and a significant number of non-residents. As in any other location in the world, nutrition and the provision of healthy food choices plays an important part in the development of the island and while meat products are loved and eaten by the a vast majority, the consumption of fish as both a healthy and tasty option has increased over the years. Furthermore, it is considered an economic alternative for the cost-conscious consumer as depending on the season a wide cross-section of fish are available for purchase. Many of these can be seasoned and frozen to be utilized at a later date.




The fishing industry is very important to the island of Barbados. While most would not be aware of this, it is estimated that more than six thousand persons are gainfully employed in the various aspects of the local fishing industry. Most persons working in this area have created self-employment opportunities and are involved in a myriad of aspects, including, but not limited to the physical act of fishing, boat building and repairing, retail and  processing.


Fish for Sale at the Bridgetown Fish Market, Barbados Pocket Guide


The Bridgetown Fisheries Complex, located just outside of Bridgetown on the Princess Alice Highway and very close to the Bridgetown Port, is one of the two largest fishing areas in Barbados. The other, Oistins, is located to the south of the island. The market is large, with covered stalls and set areas to which every vendor appears to be assigned. Over time, efforts have been made to continuously review the state of the market to ensure that it meets the required health, safety and sanitary conditions. There is a structured lay-out to enable the fisherfolk to wash their fish and ice facilities are present at the Bridgetown Complex.


Tonnes of fish land annually at the respective fish markets, with the largest volumes probably registering at Bridgetown and Oistins. Certain fish are seasonal, however one can avail of items such as flying fish, king fish, dolphin (mahi-mahi), billfish, tuna and swordfish. Some of the fish is purchased directly from the landing site by those in the key areas of the hospitality sectors, for example restaurants and hotels. Some exporters also make similar direct purchases from the market or the fishing boats.




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