Buildings of the Pelican Craft Centre, Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados Pocket Guide

The Pelican Village and Craft Centre

At the far end of Princess Alice Highway and within walking distance from the Bridgetown Port where all cruise ships entering Barbados must dock, there is a delightful shopping village, referred to as Pelican Village. Opened to the public in 1999, Pelican Village consists of clusters of chattel houses, brightly painted in which several small business persons and entrepreneurs have taken store space to display and sell their creations. It was named after Pelican Island, a small island which was located off the Barbados coast before it was acquired in order to fortify the Deep Water Harbour.




In terms of proximity to other places of interest, Pelican Village lies opposite Trevor’s Way, a walkway with some benches overlooking the water, which many years ago, was said to be an area where lovers frequented. These days it provides a brief oasis for persons walking to and from the port. It is also very close to the Lower Terminal Bus Stand which provides public transportation to most of the country's parishes.


The shops at Pelican Village offer some of the best of arts and craft that Barbados has to offer. There are all types of items on sale: paintings, mahogany carvings, souvenirs, cigars, pottery, clothing, games and many, many more than these. Keen to get a real taste of production?? Well at Pelican Village, it is possible to find a few studios at the back of the village, where artisans can be watched as they make items from scratch.


A bar and restaurant is on site, where one can choose from a selection of fresh and carbonated drinks and have a real Bajan meal. Menu options for vegetarians are also available.


A leisurely walk through Pelican Village can take a few hours. So unless there is a need to rush, take the time to browse the shops, see what there is on offer and make Pelican Village a place to visit while in Barbados.




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