Montefiore Fountain, Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados Pocket Guide

Montefiore Fountain

The Montefiore Fountain is a classically attractive architectural piece which has pride of place in the capital city of Bridgetown in Barbados. It is classified as a public monument and while its home was Beckwith place for over a hundred years, it has been in its present location of Coleridge Street  since 1940.




A gift to the capital city, it was bestowed by John Montefiore in memory of the life of his father, John Castello Montefiore who departed from the earth in 1854  after a bout of cholera. While it remained a piece of beauty, the fountain, intended as a drinking fountain, was not functional for many years. With the assistance of a conservator from Puerto Rico, the National Art Gallery Committee of the Ministry of Community Development and Culture is committed to a project designed to return the statue to its original appearance.


It is the existence of sites such as this one, which provided the impetus for the Government of Barbados to seek nomination of Bridgetown and The Garrison area as a World Heritage site. This bid is currently ongoing.


For those persons who have a genuine interest in history and artistic beauty, a walk over to the Montefiore Fountain will be worth the while.




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