Freights Bay

Freights Bay is located on the South Coast of Barbados, in the parish of Christ Church, close to Oistins.


The secluded Freights Bay in Barbados is not an area to visit if you are seeking a family day out - there are no amenities or facilities here, no toilets or showers, no food and drink outlets, and no lifeguard for your safety. In addition, you need to be fairly able bodied to descend to the small beach via the steps. 


Nevertheless, Freights Bay is an ideal venue for a romantic picnic, and it is also fairly safe to swim here though the currents are prone to sudden changes creating massive swirling waves. 


It is these waves that have made Freights Bay an ideal surfing spot for everyone from beginner to expert surfers. Standing at the top of the cliff overlooking Freights Bay in Barbados you will be able to assess the surfing conditions, and this elevated position is also a perfect place to relax after you've 'ridden the waves'.


Freights Bay is sheltered, with off-shore winds, and the long wave here can become really hollow in the higher swells. The wave generally breaks in about four (4) feet of water, and as the bottom is mostly sand and reef it is considered safe for all surfers. The best winds at Freights Bay are between December and June, and the best surf can be found between November and March in winds of between fifteen (15) and twenty-five (25) knots.


For those of you who like a different type of sport, the Atlantic surf in the consistently windy area of Freights Bay is also an excellent place to do some kitesurfing - just be careful of the often changing and sometimes strong currents and rip tides.


Freights Bay in Barbados is the ultimate surfers' paradise - try it!




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