South Point

As you would expect from its name, South Point Beach is at the southern most tip of Barbados, in the parish of Christ Church, with Silver Sands, Inch Marlowe and Surfer's Point to the east, and Cotton House Bay, Miami Beach and Oistins to the west.


The sea at South Point Beach usually has medium waves and loads of undertow, making it an ideal destination for many surfers. Keen surfers will also discover some excellent long lefts over the reef in front of the lighthouse at South Point, but will also need to be cautious at high tide as it can get a bad 'backwash'. However, such a powerful and unpredictable sea is obviously less safe for recreational swimming, so caution is always advised.


Behind South Point Beach, and a little way to the east of Miami Beach, the eighty nine feet high South Point Lighthouse is quite a distinctive Barbados landmark, its red and white horizontal bands visible from many other south coast locations. The lighthouse at South Point was presented in 1851 at London's Great Exhibition before subsequently being assembled in 1852 in Barbados. South Point Lighthouse was Barbados' first lighthouse but is now one of four on the island, the other lighthouses being located at Ragged Point, Needhams Point and Harrison Point. South Point Lighthouse was refurbished and given a new coat of paint in 2005, and although the site is open to the public, the tower is closed.


If you are spending a day on the south coast of Barbados, why not try combining your time on the beach at South Point with a visit to two of Barbados' lighthouses, South Point and Ragged Point.




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