Holetown Beach, St. James, Barbados Pocket Guide

West Coast Beaches

Welcome to the West Coast of Barbados, otherwise known as the "Gold Coast" and more recently upgraded to the "Platinum Coast" of Barbados. This Barbados coastline primarily comprises the parishes of St. James, St. Peter and St. Michael.

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If you are seeking natural beauty, fun, activities, safe swimming, great tanning beaches, amenities, exquisite sunsets or touches of luxury and hedonism, the West Coast of Barbados will surely have a beach that will fulfill your requirements.

The golden, pink and white beaches on the West Coast of Barbados are sheltered from the Atlantic Ocean's swells by the island itself, and the Caribbean Sea's gently lapping waters on this side of Barbados are mostly calm and therefore perfect for safe swimming and snorkelling.

The beaches in St. James can be quite narrow but are very popular with tourists; the beaches in St. Peter are usually less busy than those in St. James, and the beaches in St. Michael are often busy with passengers from the cruise liners. Almost all of the beaches along Barbados' West Coast have, or are close to, refreshments, amenities and activities.

In spite of the West Coast of Barbados being almost completely developed, with luxury villas and hotels lining the beaches, it still remains one of the most beautiful strips of sand in the whole of the Caribbean. When the tide is out, and thanks to the recent development of boardwalks, you can walk miles along the West Coast beaches with the turquoise Caribbean Sea as your companion.

The West Coast of Barbados is also the best place to view one or more of the magnificent Caribbean sunsets. The sky subtly starts to changes colour in the late afternoon as the sun begins to set. Pink, orange, red, deep blue, green, violet - you will be able to observe every possible hue of the spectrum as night falls.

The following pages will hopefully give you a flavour of the pleasures awaiting you at the many beaches and bays along the West Coast of Barbados.

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