Folkestone Beach

Folkestone is situated on the West Coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. James, with Colony Club Beach (Heron Bay), Alleynes Bay and Reeds Bay to the north,  and Holetown, Sandy Lane and Paynes Bay to the south.


The beach at Folkestone is an attractive expanse of golden sand bordered by trees and picnicking areas. Beach loungers and umbrellas can be rented and changing facilities with showers, toilets and lockers are available. Other amenities at Folkestone Beach in Barbados include food and drink outlets, souvenir shops, a children's adventure park and playground, tennis courts, and a basketball court, an on duty lifeguard and beach security personnel.  


The sea at Folkestone Beach is clear, calm, warm, and very safe for swimming. It is an excellent area for snorkelling, its inshore reefs are home to many different tropical fish and other marine life including sea anemones, sea lilies, corals and sponges. Snorkelling equipment is available for hire and glass bottom boats can take you a little further out allowing you to observe this amazing abundance of sea life without getting wet.      


Folkestone Beach is home to the Barbados Government run Folkestone Marine Park, a marine reserve stretching from Colony Club Beach (Heron Bay) south to Sandy Lane Beach. Folkestone Marine Park is an underwater park with a museum displaying marine and coastal environment photographs, as well as other artefacts and specimens of marine life in a salt water aquarium. Visitors can also see exhibits relating to Barbados' fishing industry, and an informative interpretive centre.


Folkestone Beach is a popular diving location accommodating the Stavronikita, a purposefully sunk ship 120 feet below the water's surface and half a mile from the shore. As with most wrecks at this depth, it is strongly advised that only experienced, accompanied divers should do this dive with its excellent visibility and good coral density.




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