Folkestone Marine Park, Folkestone, St. James, Barbados Pocket Guide

Folkestone Marine Park

Folkestone Marine Park is located in Holetown next to the elegant St. James Parish Church, in St. James, Barbados. It was first developed as a public picnic and recreational area and is outfitted with picnic benches, mostly overlooking the sea.




In 1976, the Greek ship, the Stavronikita sank off the coast and lies in approximately 120 ft of water. As such,  a natural reef was created which has transformed the site into a very popular one for snorkelers and diving enthusiasts. Snorkelers can freely swim up to the boat in very clear waters. Care with the swimmers now… as the area is not as attractive for swimming as it is rather rocky. If that is not an issue a quick dip can be taken. For those less adventurous, the ship and the coral reef and underwater marine life can be viewed from the safety of a glass bottom boat and the tours can be arranged.


One of the highlights of Folkestone Park is the marine museum, which though small, has on display an exhibition of life underwater, in photographic format. There is an aquarium which contains many forms of marine life. The experience itself is a potentially educational one so long as the mind is open to receive the information. To the children's delight, there is a huge play area with swings, slides and see-saws, as well as shaded areas for the parents and guardians to rest from a safe distance. Public tennis courts are available for use day and night on a first come, first serve basis.


Folkestone Marine Park is a popular venue for picnics on weekends or public holidays in Barbados. There is no entrance fee to the Park, which is maintained by the National Conservation Commission; however a small fee is paid to enter the museum.




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