Holder's House

The maintenance of elegant properties and an appreciation of fine entertainment are sometimes synonymous with each other. In the parish of St James, there is a special property which combines both and successfully so: Holders House.




Holders House is a former seventeenth century plantation house which is situated on some five acres of both formally created and naturally retained gardens in Barbados. With more than seven bedrooms, the master bedroom itself is crafted for luxurious relaxation. It has a balcony which looks out over a man-made pool on the property as well as the wide ocean.


This magnificent property overlooks Barbados' exquisite Sandy Lane golf course and is perched high on Holders Hill. Its long, meandering driveway leads to the main house, however it is quite possible to get lost on the property if not sure exactly where to go. There is a full complement of staff: cook, maids, and housekeeper to name a few.


Holders House has been the host and venue of Holders Season for the past eight years or more. It is held every March and affords Barbados the opportunity for incredible talent (national and international individuals, groups, actors and singers) to be on stage on the Holders gardens.  On this very property, there is also a music studio outfitted with state-of-the-art production equipment.


To obtain more information on rental arrangements or to make bookings for the Holders Seasons events email them at either or .




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