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Bellairs Reasearch Institute of McGill University

In Holetown, St. James, Barbados there is a unique research location formed out of a liaison between McGill University in Canada, the Government of Barbados and the University of the West Indies. Officially, the Bellairs Research Institute was conceptualized and founded in 1954 by a Commander Carolyn Bellairs. She was of the opinion that a facility should be created at which staff at the McGill University could be encouraged to explore any academic pursuits on the islands.




While the original structure specifically targeted Canadians coming to Barbados, it has since expanded to accommodate scientists and students from further afield.  As such, there is an open-door policy for all persons who are interested in pursuing studies and research on tropical land and sea environments.


In line with its role as a research facility, there are buildings and areas dedicated to specific aspects of study. The four buildings on the premises consist of laboratories and accommodation. The labs are bright and open and are designed so as to be conducive to experimentation. There is access to fresh water along with both bottled gas and electricity (2 voltages). Ovens and a centrifuge form part of the equipment package.


To minimize any stress which could potentially have a negative impact on the travelling researchers, there is provision for accommodation at the Holetown institute. Sixteen (16) bedrooms are available, in which at least forty persons can be accommodated in reasonable comfort.


The aptness of this location in Barbados, places those persons coming to the Bellairs Institute in the ideal and enviable position to study the influence of marine and land life on the current eco-system.


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