Chattel House Village

The island of Barbados is divided into 11 parishes, with each having its own sub-divisions and special places of interest. In the parish of St. James, at what is described as the southern end of Holetown, which is the third largest town on the island, there is a shopping village called Chattel House Village.




In years gone by the Barbados' landscape was dotted by small wooden houses with gable roofs and jalousie windows and these were known as chattel houses. It is this concept upon which the Chattel House Village was fashioned. Painted in pastels and other bright colours, these houses are actually stores and set out in clusters and separated by lawn and cobblestone pathways.


Quite visible from the main road and located next to the West Coast Mall on Highway 1, the stores in the "Village" provide nooks and crannies to explore. There are souvenir stores, bath and body items, art pieces and prints, beachwear and exotic boutiques. The boutiques offer trendy fashion ware and there is at least one chattel house which houses brand named apparel and accessories. To top it off, a gourmet shop offering specialty coffees, teas and other savoury items puts the icing on the cake in terms of options. The Chattel House Village in St. James, Barbados is just the place to get lost in among the stores as there is surely at least one item to catch the eye.


After a few hours of shopping, some form of refreshment is usually next on the agenda. A small café offering sandwiches, cakes and some hot lunch items can is also located right in the Chattel House Village. There is therefore no need to walk too much further for drink, food or a place to rest sore feet!


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