Home Furnishings

Many of the department stores in Barbados carry a wide variety of local and imported home furnishings and very competitive prices. Additionally there are also quite a number of stores on the island that carry exclusive high end furnishings for those with discerning tastes who just have to have the look and feel of luxury.  


Barbados also has quite a thriving custom furnishings industry where you could order anything from cushions to large furniture pieces. This industry is not limited to home furnishings but also caters to businesses, small and large. Whatever your furnishing needs you are sure to be able to get it in Barbados. Be mindful however, that custom pieces command 'custom' prices so be prepared to spend a tidy sum to get exactly what you want.


Listed below are some of the outlets which carry home furnishings on the island of Barbados.


Department Stores

• Courts Barbados Ltd.


• DaCosta Mannings Co. Ltd.


• Standard Distributors


• Caribbean Furnishing House


• The Kingsley Store


Exclusive & Custom Stores

• Silverline Systems Inc. Elegant Interiors


• Arjay Upholstery & Drapery Ltd.


• Drapery Specialists Barbados Ltd.


• Woodhouse Home Furnishings


• Workbench Furniture Ltd.


• Antique Creations


• Dillon Amber Dane Inc.


• Tropical Furnishings Inc.


• Designer Décor Inc.


• Gajah Home


• Walkers World


• Dwellings


• Discoveries Ltd.


• Natz Home Furnishings


• Archers Hall Design Centre Inc.


And the list could go on and on. Whatever your home furnishing needs, I am sure that we can them here on the beautiful island of Barbados.




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