Produce on Sale at Agrofest, Queens Park, Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados Pocket Guide


Barbados has many markets which sell everything from fruits and meats to clothing. These markets are very vibrant and lively places where you can completely immerse yourself in the real culture of Barbados.


If you happen to get out of bed early on a Saturday morning, you could take advantage of the traditional market day in Barbados where many local flock to the local market in Bridgetown where they purchase a wide variety of produce from the many vendors who set up their stalls from as early as four thirty in the morning.


It is here that you will get to see the colourful local fruits and vegetables and be able to purchase fresh meats from our local farms. There is also a farmers' market located in the parish of St. George, Brighton Farmers Market, which is very popular with many locals.


Many fish markets and fish vendors also dot the coastline of Barbados where you can purchase fresh local fish at very reasonable prices. For the larger fish like the Mai Mai (locally called a dolphin) you can purchase the entire fish or you can have it cleaned and filleted by the very skilled fish vendors who will prepare your fish right before you very eyes. Of course, you could also get the infamous flying fish which incidentally is a major part of Barbados' national dish.


Many of the markets located here in Barbados are open air markets and this adds to the quaintness and the local ambiance of these spaces where locals and visitors mingle among the sweet aromas of the local fruits and the bright vibrant colours of the vegetables and other ground provisions like yams, sweet potatoes as well as the local herbs and spices.


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