Dancers at the Holetown Festival, Barbados Pocket Guide


The island of Barbados is considered by most to be relatively small but despite its size, there is a plethora of events throughout the course of any given day or year that one can attend.

The warmth and friendliness associated with the atmosphere lends itself well to the high level of socialism that can be found on the island of Barbados. It is no wonder that whatever your preference, whether it be the arts and culture, sporting events, theatre, holiday celebrations, historical events or just a good laid back lime, you can be rest assured that Barbados has an event that will certainly suit your needs.

Our calendar of events provides you with a list of the main annual events that the island of Barbados has to offer. These events can be anywhere in the region of art & craft exhibitions, music festivals, sporting events, theatrical productions and horticultural shows. 

Throughout your stay in Barbados, whatever you choose to do, you can be rest assured that there is always something to do while on the island.

All events on the island of Barbados are coordinated with the highest standards in mind. It is no wonder that just about every event on the island has such a huge gathering.


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