Peaceful Beach at River Bay, St. Lucy, Barbados Pocket Guide


When the first settlers decided to make their way to the island of Barbados, I am sure they had a good feeling about what they were about to embark on. The island should certainly be your pick-of-day when it comes to hideaway spots. Along with the many public beaches on the island, there are also some very peaceful and tucked away spots that you can get addicted to once you have been exposed. 

Barbados has been blessed with miles and miles of white sand beaches. The sun-kissed island possesses a natural beauty of its own when it comes to the countryside landscape, the architectural beauty and the very people who call Barbados home.

Your choice of hideaways can take you away from the rugged backdrop and pounding waves of the East Coast of Barbados or it can just as well pull you towards the more serene West Coast side of the island.

The beaches on the East Coast of the island are conducive to surfing, quiet times, picnic spots and long walks on the beautiful white beaches there. This augurs well for hideaway perfection as one can easily fall heavily into the magnetic atmosphere this side of the island has to offer. A few of these hideaways on the Barbados' East Coast include Crane Beach, Foul Bay, Bottom Bay, Cattlewash, Consett Bay to name a few.

On the other hand, Barbados' West Coast has a diversity of elements associated with it. Yes you will find the serenity you yearn for but you will also be able to do some snorkeling, swimming and diving as these waters are a lot calmer and augur well for such beach activities. Here are some hideaways on the West Coast that we would recommend:- Colony Club Beach, Paynes Bay, Batts Rock, Fitts Village, Folkestone Park and Sandy Lane Beach are all located on Barbados' West Coast. 

No matter where you end up on the island of Barbados, you will be sure to find that little spot that is peaceful, picturesque and above all, safe.

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