Batts Rock Beach

Batts Rock Bay is located a few minutes north of the capital city of Bridgetown on the West Coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. James, with Fitts Village and Paynes Bay to the north, and Paradise Beach, Brighton Beach and Brandons Beach to the south. Batts Rock Beach is also only a few minutes' drive from the Barbados' capital city Bridgetown.

Batts Rock Bay is in a delightful park that has been rehabilitated by the NCC (National Conservation Commission). The inviting golden sandy beach at Batts Rock Bay has also been designated as a Public Beach area, and picnic benches, toilets, shower and changing facilities, a drinks machine, and a small children's playground with slides, swings, and see-saws make Batts Rock Beach one of Barbados' excellent family-friendly beaches.  

Batts Rock Beach is a lovely spot for a family day out or a picnic but make sure you take your a picnic with you as there are no food or drink retail outlets. As well as picnic tables there are also plenty of shady trees close to the sand, and if you're lucky you may even spot a few Barbados green monkeys running around while you're eating.

The warm, calm, clear blue sea at Batts Rock Bay is perfect for swimming and relatively safe for novices and children, and the small coral and rock outcroppings make fascinating snorkelling areas for all ages. Batts Rock Beach is a peaceful beach with very little activity, so if you want watersports this is not the beach to come to. 

However, Batts Rock Bay is good for surfing when there is a north swell in the Caribbean Sea. Batts Rock Bay is actually perhaps one of the safest surfing spots on Barbados' West Coast, and few surfers can resist the swells here that break in perfect barrels all the way to the beach.

If you venture into the trees that line the beach at Batts Rock Bay, you will be able to see the abandoned ruins of a popular beachfront dancing spot that has remained unused here for many years. 

Its peaceful location, wonderful views and unspoiled beauty make Batts Rock Bay an ideal location for weddings and ceremonies.


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