Freshwater Bay

Freshwater Bay is situated on the South West Coast of Barbados, in the Parish of St. Michael, with Paradise Beach, Batts Rock Bay and Crystal Cove to the north, and Brighton Beach, Brandons Beach and Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados, to the south.


Freshwater Bay is a peaceful, idyllic spot, though the name is misleading - the water is the saltwater Caribbean Sea - but the calm, crystalline waters here are nevertheless refreshing and soothing, and perfect for swimming and snorkeling.  


As it is a quiet place, there are not many facilities or amenities at Freshwater Bay. You might see occasional fishing boats and motorized boats and jet skis passing by, and the scheduled catamarans full of their passengers heading down the west coast and further out to sea. From this beach you will also be able to watch the spectacular cruise liners arriving and departing from Bridgetown Harbour, just a little to the south of Freshwater Beach.   


If you are hoping for complete relaxation and quiet go the northern end of the beach at Freshwater Bay which is generally much less busy than the southern end of the beach where you will find more activities at the Cockspur Beach Club (formerly the Malibu Visitor Centre and Beach Club).


A perfect choice for cruise passengers spending a few hours in Barbados, the Cockspur Beach Club offers a number of facilities including a tour of the distillery and excellent informative talks on local rum production. Visitors to Freshwater Bay can also venture a little further south to the Cockspur Beach Club where they can enjoy a number of different watersports and beach activities.




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