Reeds Bay

Reeds Bay is on the West Coast of Barbados in the parish of St. James, situated between Gibbs Bay, Mullins Bay and Speightstown to the north, and Alleynes Bay and Holetown to the south.  


Reeds Bay can be best summed up in three words: quiet, relaxing, idyllic. The soft creamy white sand reveals very few footprints, and the amazingly clear warm sea water regularly changes colour from deep blue to turquoise to yellowy green. Swimming in the Caribbean Sea at Reeds Bay beach can feel as if you're on a desert island, and the accompanying solitude and stillness is ideal if you just want to relax and do nothing. The best times of day to experience the beach in this way are early morning and after two in the afternoon, as catamaran day cruise organisers frequently use Reeds Bay as a swimming, snorkelling and lunch spot.


Reeds Bay Beach is predominantly used by Bajan people and the owners and guests at the many private villas along the beachfront. Like all Barbados beaches though, this beach is public, but its location means there are no facilities such as toilets, showers, umbrellas and loungers, and nowhere nearby to purchase drinks and snacks. There is a small amount of parking availability at the southern end of Reeds Bay.


There are also no lifeguards at Reeds Bay Beach so be extra vigilant if you are taking children or novice swimmers. There are very few natural hazards such as strong currents or undertow at Reeds Bay, but conditions can change and as the Bajan saying goes, 'The sea en' got nuh back door'. Fishing boats and jet skis also operate occasionally at Reeds Bay.  


Make sure you bring everything you need if you visit Reeds Bay for the day, and in particular obtain a beach umbrella as there is very little natural shade.




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